We Add Clarity and Confidence to our Clients Lives Through a Strong Understanding of Their Finances

We believe in working with a select number of clients where we believe we can add true value to their lives. Ideally, we would be involved in any decision a client needs to make that involves finances or life planning.

About Us

Patel Wealth Partners was founded in 2011. Jay Patel founded the practice out a desire to offer advice to clients that put them first. With the heart of a teacher, Jay believes that clients can make better financial decisions when they have a better understanding of their options. Our main goal is to add clarity and confidence to our clients lives through a strong understanding of their finances.

Jay Patel has specialized experience in working with independent women (single, widowed, and divorced), retirement focused families, and small business owners. After working with these groups of people, he has come to understand how to serve them well in the present and future.

We have two office locations in Wheaton and Sycamore. Jay built his business in Wheaton the old-fashioned way in 2005. The Sycamore location was added in 2016 as he became a member in Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Program.

Our Partnership with Raymond James

Raymond James is a great alignment for our practice, providing clients the benefits of a full-service brokerage firm, while allowing Patel Wealth Partners to remain independent. These benefits include top rated research, investment platforms, and financial planning tools to help guide your financial lives.

As an independent practice, Patel Wealth Partners does not hold assets on behalf of clients. Since 2011, Raymond James has provided such custodial and brokerage services to our clients. Today, more than 7,000 advisors across the country trust Raymond James to service their business. Beyond holding and maintaining client assets, Raymond James helps support our business in many important ways including: providing access to leading investment research; surrounding our team with experts on a broad range of client oriented topics; offering operational and trading support to the Patel Wealth team and our clients; and enabling us to access market leading technologies.